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Biosporos is fruit of one idea of Letizi Harald Christian that coming from the greek words bio (life, used also to indicate all organic or biologic products) and sporos (seed).

Biosporos is an idea without to be an ideal.

Is a service, a communication mean, a selling mean.

Is a meeting point.

Is a job.

Is a contribute to the realization of a dream common to a lot of people: 

a world where we can choose.  In this case the point of view agricultural - alimentary is the first theme.

The art is an optional of this site: the contributes, selected, will be put on-line or effected links to the related site. 

About the Greek referment: Greece is the country where we refer the most of our professional work, within the Italy. 

That do not mince that this site is not open to all the World: 

it's open to all the World.


In Greece: 

Biosporos - Letizi Harald -

Ag. Spyridon (terma odou), 57500 Epanomi (Thessaloniki, Greece)
tel. + 30 2392301152 mob +30 6979221718 (+ viber)




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